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NASDAQ Reports Fewer Students Applying, While Congress Starts Hearings on What Went Wrong.

FAFSA Delays Just Beginning, Reports Minneapolis Star.

NEWS FLASH: U.S. Dept of Ed Announces a New Calculation Error on FAFSAs.  CNN.

Slow Crawl on FAFSA Rollout. NPR.

An Admissions Officer and Counselor Describe Their Experiences.

U. S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action.®i_id=168810693&segment_id=137969&te=1&user_id=5b8d74e21f3486d636590bc0b9785a1f 

Applications for FAFSA Open. See, Forbes for More Information.

U.S. News and World Report Issues its 2022-23 Best Colleges Directory. See,

How the Student Loan Crisis Started. From The Guardian.

"Guide to Student Loans." From Forbes.

U.S. Dept. Ed Announces Steps it Will Take to Address Student Loan Issues.

NACAC Releases its Spring College Openings Survey.

The Student Loan "Pause" Has Been Extended. Here is the Report from NPR.

"College Tuition Inflation: Compare The Cost Of College Over Time." Forbes.

Schools Revert to Temporary Online Classes. According to the Associated Press, at least 70 schools have already reverted to online classes at their openings in January. And according to various other news outlets these range from Columbia U. Yale U. Syracuse U. Rice U.  to Michigan State U., DePaul U. and the U. of California system. See, And to keep up to date, see,

How Three Colleges Plan to Open in the Fall.

"Has Pandemic Put an End to the SAT and ACT?" See what Smithsonian Magazine has to Say.

"Elite" Colleges Will Have a More Diverse Class of 2025, according to the New York Times.


"Five Things Every Family Should Know About Paying for College." From National Public Radio

"The Perplexing Math of College Admissions." An Essay in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

FAFSA Changes are Coming. See What Kiplinger Says the Changes Will Mean.

President Biden Extends Pause of Student Loan Repayments. Summary from the Miami Herald.

Five College Admissions Trends for 2021. From Forbes January 12.

A Word About the Expected Family Contribution. From the New York Times.

How Can Colleges Do a Better Job of Providing Emergency Aid to Students?.

Students Face Challenges Applying to College During the Pandemic.

Forbes Releases New List of Colleges with ED II

"60 Minutes" Takes a Look at the Impact of the Pandemic on College Sports. Sunday, December 6.

"What's New on the FAFSA This Year." From U.S. News and World Report.

The New Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2021-2022 is Now Available. Click Link Below for  Info.

Low-Income Students Dropping Out of College, Often Due to a Lack of the Technology Needed for On-Line Courses. From the Washington Post.

U.S. News Releases its Annual College Rankings--with a Few Caveats.

UPDATES: No sooner had the August/September Issue of COLLEGE BOUND announced those universities opening face-to-face, than some announced they were hitting "pause" due to outbreaks of COVID-19. 

     See, the announcement of Bradley U. for details.

     And, Note the Quarantines Announced at the U. of Wisconsin Madison.

How Will COVID-19 Affect Financial Aid Packages? From the Los Angeles Times.

Cases on Campuses Nationwide. A New York Times Survey Taken August 25 of 1,500 Colleges and Universities Nationwide. (To Be Updated "Regularly.")®i_id=94041456§ion_index=2§ion_name=three_more_big_stories&segment_id=37015&te=1&user_id=805325a797e3a7361150940bb7f63588


Make Public Institutions and Systems Test Optional. The National Association for College Admissions Counseling Calls on Public Colleges and Universities to Waive Requirements Next Year.

Colleges Grappling with the Return of Students Amidst the Coronavirus.

The Princeton Review Releases its 2021 Guide to 356 Best Colleges. It Includes a July 2020 Survey of Administrators.

Helpful Hints from Pepperdine U. on Planning a College Tour in a Pandemic.

A Roundup of How Ivy League Colleges are Addressing Financial Aid This Fall. From Business Insider.

Trump Administration Drops Requirement that International Students Must Attend Classes on Campus. Washington Post Summary.

New Guidelines Issued for International Students.

Gap Year Inquiries Increase, According to Newsday.

Financial Aid Offices Expect Spike in Appeals for Financial Aid, According to a New Survey from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Students are Choosing to Stay Closer to Home, according to the Associated Press.

Colleges Roll Out Plans for Reopening. Report on College Presidents from Roll Call.

Will Students and Teachers Show Up in the Elementary and High Schools Next Fall? U.S.A. Today Decided to Ask Them.

One Half of College Presidents Want Schools to Reopen in the Fall, According to a New Survey from the American Council on Education.

U. of California Plans to Either Offer a Replacement Test for the ACT/SAT Undergraduate Admissions Requirement or Require  None at All.

CDC Issues Guidance for Colleges Planning to Reopen in the Fall. FYI.

College Board Changing the Way AP Test-Takers Can Submit Answers. From the Washington Post.

"Late-Deadline Scholarships are Still Open to Applicants." A Roundup of Sources from U.S. News & World Report.

College Acceptance Rates May Go Higher as Schools Start Aggressively Courting Applicants, According to CNBS May 12.

Health Guidelines for Reopening Campuses from the American College Health Association.

Some 700 Colleges State they Still Have Openings Available for Admissions, Housing and Financial Aid for the Fall 2020. See.  NACAC's 33rd Annual College Openings Update.

Fifty Colleges Sued by Students Seeking Refunds, According to Bloomberg. See,

New List of When Colleges are Opening...and How. From the Chronicle of Higher Education.

"Debilitating" Uncertainty as Students Question Their College Plans. From National Public Radio.

What Will Colleges Do Come Fall? Two Universities Are Taking Different Approaches. A Chronicle of Higher Education Article.
How to Think About a Gap Year in the Age of the Coronavirus. From Money Magazine.

New Website Created to Help Students Appeal Financial Aid Decisions. From the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

College Board to Cancel June SAT... See article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

How Admissions Officers are Preparing for Fall Enrollment. New Survey from AACRAO.

Will Students Show Up Next Fall. New Survey Takes a Look.

Politico Projects What May Happen to Students and Colleges Come Fall.

With May 1 College Decision Decision Day "Looming," Nearly 70 Percent of Parents and Sixty Percent of Students Say They Will Have a Hard Time Paying for College. See, New Survey Released.

College Board to Offer AP Exams Online.

And, ACT and SAT Tests Rescheduled. Also From PBS.

How the Coronavirus Has Upended College Admissions. From PBS.

NACAC Launches New Tool to Track Changes in College Admissions Because of the Coronavirus. Lauched Monday, March 23. Six Hundred Colleges Have Posted So Far.

NPR Report on the Future: Graduation, Financial Aid, Admissions...

Resources for Helping to Keep Students on Track. From the Coalition for College.

The Coronavirus is Upending Higher Education. From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

How the Coronavirus May Impact Financial Aid. From U.S. News and World Report.

If you are a College Student Impacted by the Coronavirus, or the Parent of One, Here is What CNN Says You Need to Know.

NACAC Announces it is to Sponsor "College Signing Day" Webinar March 24.

News, Unfortunately, on the Impact of the Coronaviris on College Admissions. More to Come...

     .  College Closings: From The New York Times.

       .  In Persons Classes Canceled at Stanford....

       . CNN on the Impact of the Virus on Higher Ed:


Italy Closing Some Universities While American Colleges Rethink Their Study Abroad Programs in Light of the Coronavirus. Report from Bloomberg.

"The Universities that Enroll More Poor Students Have Less Financial Aid to Give." From the Hechinger Report. 

California Report Gives Boost to College Admissions Tests.

Yes, the Liberal Arts Do Matter. In the Long Run. See New Report from Georgetown University with Interactive Tool to See How Well Individual Colleges Fare on Return on Investment.

Top Higher Education Trends of the Last Decade. From Forbes.

College Enrollment Declines in Last Decade, According to a Report Today in Forbes.

International Test Results for 15-year-old Students Worldwide Released Today, December 3, by the OECD. See link for information, results and test information.

As College Costs Soar, Students Look Overseas for Higher Education.

New Georgetown U. Survey Asks, "Is College Worth it?" Report Has Some Surprising Results.

U.S. Dept. of Ed Announces New Policies Regarding Student Loans Forgiveness and Pell Eligibility.

Most of the Nation's Public Universities are not Affordable to Low-Income Students, According to National Public Radio.

National Universities with Rolling Admissions. From U.S.News and World Report.

"The Most Promising Careers of the Next Decade." An Analysis from The Washington Post.

An Increasing Number of Colleges are Giving Up on the SAT and ACT, From The Washington Post.

College Affordability Act Overhauls Higher Education, According to the Education and Labor Committee. Announced October 15. See News Release and Details on Its Website.

Low-Income High Schoolers Who Study College Early are More Likely to Graduate from College. Based on Education Trust Study.

ACT Announces There Will Be Changes and More Test Options Beginning September 2020. See the ACT Announcement.

Federal Judge Rules on Harvard Admissions Case. See NPR's Report.

News from NACAC: Members Vote to Change Admissions Procedures. See How. Report from The Wall Street Journal.

More Students Than Ever Took the SAT. Here is What the College Board Had to Say About It.

Colleges are Now Offering Scholarships for Students Interested in "Esports," According to Report on NBC News.

Weekend Reading: A Primer on How "Free" College Programs Work. From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

"How College Became So Expensive." From The Atlantic Magazine.

People are Talking About: "Outnumbered," An Article on Guidance Counseling in the Fall Edition of The Harvard Education Magazine.

Student Debt is Transforming the American Family. From The New York.

The College Board Announces it is Launching a New Resource and will no Longer Display Information about High Schools and Neighborhoods. See Release Directly from the College Board.

New Report Out on the Impact of Student Loan Debt. From the JPMorgan Chase & Co Institute.

The Walls Street Journal states that even after the admissions scandal, colleges won't check applications.

Kiplinger's 2019 "Best College Values" Expands Rankings to Include 400 More Schools.

"Customizing College for a New Generation." Advice and News from HigherEdJobs.

Where the Presidential Candidates Stand, as of now, on Student Debt, according to CBS News.

ACT Releases New Study on How Young People View Paying for College.

The University of California Announces it Will Change Its Admissions Process in Wake of Recent Bribery Scheme. See, the Daily Bruin.

CNBC Surveys Millionaires to See How Much They Really Spend on Getting Their Children to College. Released Friday.

"Rural Students Often Go Unnoticed." An Analysis from The Hechinger Report on How "Virtual" Counseling Can Help."

Chinese Ministry of Education Warns of Possible New "Difficulties" for Chinese Wanting to Study in the United States. China Daily Report.

The Great Recession Continues to Impact State Higher Education Finances. A Pew Trust Report.


Are 529 Savings Plans Worth It? Kiplinger Takes a Look.

People are Talking About...Commencement Speaker at Morehouse College Commencement Pledges to Pay all Graduates' Student Loans. See, USA. Today.

"How to Decipher Those College Financial Aid Offers," from The Los Angeles Times. See,


Ivy League Results for Class of 2023. As COLLEGE BOUND's April Issue goes to press, colleges and universities are just starting to post their admissions results. Here, in CB's "Admissions Story-of-the-Day" are the Ivy league admit stats (hot off the press) with links to the announcements directly from the schools. (See CB's April issue for other school's reports.)

Brown U. Brown states its Brown Promise initiative, replacing loans with scholarship funds, played a role in its attracting its largest applicant pool in history. It admitted 2,551 students from 38, 674 applicants. See,

Columbia (University) C. Columbia and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences accepted but 5.1 percent of applicants from a record number, 42,569. Acceptance rates have been declining for the last five years and 2,190 students were admitted for the Class of 2023. See,

Cornell U. The Class of 2023 at Cornell is the "most diverse" in its history. It admitted 5,183 students from 49,000 applications for an admit rate of 10.6 percent. Fifty-five percent of admitted students identify as students of color including underrepresented minorities and Asian students. See, .

Dartmouth C. Dartmouth's acceptance rate declined for the third year in a row with 7.9 percent of the 28,650 applicants accepted. A record 16 percent of the Class of 2023 are first-generation students. About 40 percent come from low- or middle-income families. Nine percent are legacies. See, .

Harvard U. Regular-action decisions were sent to 1,950 students March 28. The Class of 2023 admits come from 89 countries and all states. International citizens comprise 12.3 percent of the class. See,

Princeton U. Princeton admitted 1,895 students for the Class of 2023, selected from 32,804 applications representing 10,813 high schools and 161 countries. Of those admitted, 52 percent are women, 48 percent men and 63 percent some from public high schools. See, .

The U. of Pennsylvania. Penn admitted 3,345 students to its 267th class from a pool of 44,960 applicants. The middle 50 percent testing ranges from 1460-1550 on the SAT and 33-35 on the ACT. the university meets 100 percent of demonstrated need for four years with grants and work-study. See,

Yale U. For the last two years, Yale has expanded the size of its first-year class. The Class of 2023 will be 15 percent larger than the previous classes with 2,178 students admitted from 36,843 applicants.This year's group of admitted students includes more students receiving federal Pell Grants than any in Yale's history. See,


The Impact of the College Admissions Fraud Scheme. A Report from The Los Angeles Times.

NACAC Releases Statement Regarding Current College Admissions Scam.

People Are Talking About... Extraordinary College Admissions Scandal. See Report in The New York Times.

Admissions Files at Three Colleges Were "Hacked." See Consumer Affairs for Details.

More Student Debts in Delinquency. New Analysis by Bloombergs.

"The Hardest Colleges to Get In To State by State.

Endowments, Used for Financial Aid and College Operating Expenses, Were Down in 2018. For Details, See the New Report from the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

The College Board Has Launched New Scholarship Program to Guide Students Through the College Planning Process. Students Must Complete Steps Toward Applying for College to Compete. Drawings Take Place Monthly. See,

What Clemson University and the University of Alabama Have in Common. Report from Forbes.

The Washington Post Releases Early Application Numbers for Variety of Colleges. (And see more stories on Early Apps in the January issue of COLLEGE BOUND.)

"Nudging Students to Decide Early." Wall Street Journal Article. (Subscription Based.)

Happy New Year. Stay Tuned for More Admissions News in 2019!

"Who's going to review your college applications – a committee or a computer?" From USA Today.

* * *

Why One Third of College-Bound Students Don't Make it to Campus in the Fall." From the U.S. Department of Education.

"Why is Undergraduate Enrollment Declining?\" From National Public Radio.

Don't Forget to Check Out NACAC\'s Last-Minute Openings for Colleges and Financial Aid.

Consumer Reports on "Smart Strategies for Paying for College."

"The Best Ways to Fix College Admissions are Probably Illegal. From The Atlantic.

"College Admissions: Let's Cut the Stress" The New York Times Opinion Piece.

"The Justice Department Investigating How Colleges Use Early Decision Admissions.\" A Report from National Public Radio.

"How to Level the College Playing Field." Op Ed by Harold Levy, Former Chancellor of New York City Public Schools in The New York Times.

Are College Wait Lists a Waste of Time? Hear What National Public Radio Has to Say.

Here is a roundup of the Ivy League Acceptances This Year.  

     Brown U. Offers Admission to 7 Percent of the 35,438 Applicants.

     Columbia. (Columbia U. Received Record Number of Applications and Admitted But 5.5 Percent, According to the Columbia Spectator.

     Cornell U. Sees Record Number of Applicants and Admits But 10.3 Percent.

     Dartmouth Sees All-Time Lowest Acceptance Rate; 97 Percent of Admits in Top Ten Percent of Their High School Class. 

     Harvard C. Accepted Just 1,962 of 42,749 Candidates, According to Harvard Crimson.

     Penn Also Sets Record-Low Acceptance Rate of 8.39 Percent of 44,482 Applicants.

     Princeton Accepts But 5.5 Percent of Applicants, Another Record Low, According to

     Yale Expands Class Size for Second Year, Admitting 2.229 Students.

Other Postings: Stanford U. Admit Rate Drops to 4.3 Percent. 


    "Cinderella Story? It's True for U.M.B.C. Academics, Too." A New York Times Story March 17.

Opinion Piece: "Let's Stop Brainwashing Kids  It's a College Degree or Nothing." 

People Are Talking About....

       . With Hundreds of Students, Counselors Just Try to Stay Afloat. From National Public Radio. See,

      . Does Michigan School Counselor Shortage Impact Safety. From WXYZ. See, https://www,

      . All Teens Should be Screened for Depression, New Guidelines Urge. From Today. See, .

Who's Missing From America's Colleges? Rural High School Graduates. A Report from National Public Radio.

Millions of Americans Lack Access to Higher Education, According to New Report from the Urban Institute. See Map Also for

Why Community Colleges are Good for You. Commentary from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Is Higher Education Heading for a Crisis? Washington Post article.

College Budgets Suffer with a Decline in Enrollment of International Students. NPR.

People Are Talking About ... Admissions Tips on Getting Into a Dream College. From The New York Times, Education Life Section.

What You Need to Know for Filing the FAFSA in 2018. From The Consumer Reports.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Reports on Higher Ed's Outlook as a Result of the New Federal Tax Bill. Vote Expected This Week.

Moody's Downgrades the Outlook for Higher Education Institutions to "Negative." Summary in the Dayton Daily News.

People are Talking About... True Gentlemen: The Broken Pledge of America\'s Fraternities by John Hechinger. Published by Public Affairs.

Did You Know? Perkins Loan Program is Set to Expire. Hear the Report on Wisconsin Public Radio.

According to the November 6 Washington Monthly, 3.9 Million Students Dropped Out of College With Debt in 2015 and 2016.

"What Colleges Want in An Applicant (Everything)." From The New York Times. 

The College Board Releases it Annual Trends in Higher Education with Reports on Trends in Student Aid and Trends in Tuition Prices.

Percentage of Students Receiving Pell Grants at Top-Ranked Universities. October 23 Article in The Washington Post.

 The Times Higher Education Has Released its World Universities Rankings 2018 By Subjects.

Twelve National Universities with Rolling Admissions, According to the U.S. News and World Report.

The New 2018-19 FAFSA Applications Now Available.

Parade Magazine on Surprising Ways to Get Scholarships. http:

What You Need to Know About Filing the FAFSA in 2018. From Consumer Reports.

The Loneliness of the College Students. Article in the September 2 New York Times called \'The Real Campus Scourge.\"


Majority of Americans Believe Schools Should Prepare \"Students For Life After High School\" with Career and Job Preparation, According to the Phi Delta Kappa Annual National Poll Released This Week. http://pdkpoll,org

"The Biggest Misconception About College Students.\" An Op Ed in The New York Times. http://www/

The Class of 2021 is the Last of the Millennials.  So Say the Authors of Beloit College\'s Mindset List, a List of the Attributes of the Incoming Freshman Class.

How are Low-Income Students Doing Getting into \"Well-to-Do\" Colleges. Not Well, According to a New Report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

Food for Thought: Getting In is the Easy Part. Staying There is Becoming Harder   An Article  in This Week\'s Washington Post. 

Summer Reading: \"How Smartphones Destroyed a Generation.\" A New Article in September\'s Atlantic Magazine, Now Available. Interview With the Author Also Featured on PBS\'s \"NewsHour\" and

Weekend Reading. One Mother\'s Story of Visiting 23 Colleges with Her Twins and What She Learned About College Admissions Along the Way. From Sunday\'s Washington Post.

FORBES Magazine\'s 2017 Rankings of America\'s Top Colleges.


People are Talking About: The University of California Rescinds Offers of Admissions to 499 Students When More Students Than Expected Accepted Admissions Offers....


College Degrees Actually Do Lead to Good Jobs, New Research From Georgetown University Finds.


Seven Options Students Can Consider if They Don\'t Receive Enough Financial Aid. Advice This Month From the U.S. Department of Education in \"Homeroom,\" the Official Blog.


\"How America Pays for College.\" A New Report from Sallie Mae.


About 75,000 students Applied for New York\'s First-in-the-Nation Free College Tuition Program, According to an Associated Press Report.


Why Aren\'t Students Showing Up for College? A Podcast from NPR.



\"How Universal College Admissions Test Help Low-Income Students\" From Today\'s New York Times.


\"How Money Ranked the 2017 \'Best\' Colleges.\"


\"Where the Journey to College is No Fairy Tale.\" From The Chronicle of Higher Education


U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces New Changes are Planned Regarding Regulations of Student Loans.


People are Talking About: Harvard College Rescinds Acceptances to the Class of 2021 for at Least 10 Students Charging They Posted Offensive Remarks on Facebook.


The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Launches a New Website called to Help \"Displaced\" Students.


State Budget Cuts to Higher Education are Not Behind Tuition Hikes, New Report Argues.



People are Talking About: A New York Times Analysis of the College Access Index reflecting the state of funding of public higher education, degree of diversity on campuses and the impact of it all on the economy.


Consumer Reports Says it is Time to Boost College Savings Plans.


\"When Colleges Dangle Money to Lure Students Who Ignored Them,\"  May 24 Article in The New York Times.


\"Solving the Mystery of Underachievement.\" New Article in The Atlantic.


The \"College Openings Update: Options for Qualified Students\" (formerly known as the \"Space Availability Survey\") is Now Available from the National Association of College Admission Counseling. 



The U.S. Department of Education Announced This Week That is it \"Relaxing\" Financial Aid Process in Light of Computer Problems at the IRS.


\"Best High Schools in America,\" According to New Rankings from U.S. News and World Report Released April 24.

See, .


Admissions Results from the Ivy League. Below are the Headlines From \r\nthe Colleges in the Ivy League, with the Web Links to the Schools. (See \r\nCOLLEGE BOUND\'S April Issue for More Stats and Decisions from Other \r\nColleges.)

     Brown Admits But 8.3 percent.\r\n Brown University in Providence attracted 32,724 applications for the \r\nClass of 2021, an increase from last year\'s 32,280, and an all time \r\nhigh. Brown admitted 2,722 students from that pool, including 695 who \r\nwere admitted Early Decision, for an admit rate of 8.3 percent. Students\r\n in the admitted class come from all 50 states and 77 nations around the\r\n world. See,

    Columbia U. Had Largest Applicant Pool in Its History.\r\n The Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Columbia University in New \r\nYork City received 37,389 applications for its Class of 2021, a 3 \r\npercent increase from last year. The admit rate for Columbia College and\r\n the School of Engineering and Applied Science was 5.8 percent this \r\nyear, down from 6 percent last year. See,    

    Cornell Places 5,713 Students on Its Wait List.\r\n Cornell University in New York received 47,038 applications for its \r\nClass of 2021, the most in school history. Cornell admitted 5,889 \r\nstudents from the pool and placed 5,713 students on its wait list. Over \r\n30 percent of the new class self identified as underrepresented \r\nminorities. See,

     Dartmouth Accepted 43 percent of its Class Early.\r\n Dartmouth College in New Hampshire received 20,021 applications from \r\nits Class of 2021, a decrease of 3.2 percent from last year, and offered\r\n admissions to 2,092 students. Early Decision applications reached \r\n1,999, a 3.7 percent increase over last year. Of those, 555 students \r\nwere accepted early, and represent 47 percent of the new class. See, \r\

     Harvard Admits 5.2 Percent.\r\n Harvard College received a record 39,506 applications this year, up 1 \r\npercent from last year. It admitted 2,056 students, including 938 \r\naccepted last December under its Early Action Program. Just over 15 \r\npercent of the admitted students are the first in their families to go \r\nto college. See,

     Penn Admits 9.1 Percent While Announcing it is Increasing its Financial Aid.\r\n The University of Pennsylvania fielded 40,413 applications to the Class\r\n of 2021 and admitted 3,699 of them, a record low 9.15 percent. Penn \r\nalso announced that it is increasing its financial aid budget by $9.4 \r\nmillion. See,

     Princeton Admits 6.1 Percent.\r\n Princeton University in New Jersey received 31,056 applications and \r\noffered admission to 1,890 students, for an admit rate of 6.1 percent. \r\nSome 770 of the 1,890 offers were extended in December as part of \r\nPrinceton\'s single choice Early Action process. See,

     Yale\'s Largest Class Ever.\r\n Yale University in Connecticut attracted 32,900 applications. Yale \r\noffered admissions to 2,272 of the students. The incoming freshman class\r\n is scheduled to be the largest class in school history with 1,550 \r\nstudents, 15 percent larger than recent classes. See,


\"How Much Longer Will Students Be Willing to Go Away to College. Washington Post Report.


The NCAA Academic Brackets for Men\'s and Women\'s Basketball Teams, According to Inside Higher Ed\'s Annual Rankings.


\"The Undervaluing of School Counselors.\" In The Atlantic.


March Madness Leads to More Applications at Some Schools.


The\r\n National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Issues \r\nAlert on March 9 About the Problems with the Internal Revenue Service\'s \r\nData Retrieval Tool and Its Impact on Student FAFSA Applications.



NACAC\r\n Releases New Report on the State of Transfer Students. Did You Know 53 \r\nPercent of Transfers to Four-Year Institutions Come from Community \r\nColleges?


More Low-Income Students Are Graduating From High School, But Where Do They Go Next? Forbes. 


How University Costs Keep Rising Despite Tuition Freezes. From The Atlantic Magazine.


Time Magazine Reports on 50 Excellent Colleges Still Taking Applications for College.


Consumer Reports on What You Need to Know About College Financial Aid Offers This Year.


The Biggest Financial Aid News of 2016. From the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.


Kiplinger Publishes its \"Best College Values 2017.\" 


Wesleyan\r\n U. Announced a New Four-Year Full-Tuition Scholarship Called \"The \r\nHamilton Prize for Creativity\" to be Awarded to a High School Senior for\r\n the Class of 2021. Deadline January 1, 2017.


The\r\n New Results for PISA, The Program for International Student Assessment,\r\n are Being Released Today, December 6. In the U.S., 15-yesr-olds\' \r\nAverage Scores in Mathematics Declined. Science and Reading Literacy \r\nScores are Unchanged.



The New FAFSA is Easier and...Harder. A National Public Radio Report.


The College Board Releases its 2016 \"Trends in Education\" on College Pricing nd Student Aid.


Chinese Education Company Accused of Giving Money and Gifts to Admissions Officers.

The Wall Street Journal Releases its First-Ever Rankings of U.S. Colleges with The Times (of London) Higher Education.

NACAC Releases its 13th Annual State of College Admissions. Guess What Matters Most to Admissions Officers?


People are Talking About: How Big Data Transformed Applying to College.


Happy Fall. And Welcome Back to COLLEGE BOUND. Have a Great School Year.


Which Colleges Were Represented the Most at the Olympic Games? See the Count from the NCAA.  

Student Loan Debt Level Rankings by School, According to 


To Communicate With the Members of the Class of 2020: Text. Beloit College Releases the Annual \"Mindset List\" of Trends.


Forbes Releases its List of America\'s Top Colleges. Guess Who is No. One? 


People are Talking About: The New York Times Op Ed by Frank Bruni--\"To Get To Harvard, Go to Haiti?\" 


Many\r\n Students are Not Applying for Financial Aid Because They Assume They \r\nare Ineligible, According to a New \"Data Point\" Study from U.S. \r\nDepartment of Education. .


Twenty-five Cities with the Highest (and Lowest) High School Graduation Rates. 


The Brookings Institution Releases Report, \"Do State Subsidies for Public Universities Favor the Affluent?\" 


Consumer Reports: \"How to Make Free Community College Work for You.\" 

The Times of Higher Education Out of London States That MOOCs Can Change Education....Just Not Yet.  

Too Rich for Financial Aid, Too Poor for College. Advice from U.S. News and World Report.


Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Issues a Brief on How Colleges Can Increase the Diversity on Their Campuses.

Breaking News: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds \"Race Conscious Decisions\" in College Admissions. Read the Ruling Here.

People are Talking About: Two Extra Years in College Could Cost Students $300,000 Over Their Lifetime....  

Fifty-eight\r\n Colleges Say They Will Use the New Application Form Coming This Summer \r\nfrom The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success.


Asian American Coalition for Education Files Complaint Today Against Three Ivy League Colleges About Admissions Policies.


New\r\n Gallup Poll Finds Americans View the Nation\'s Higher Education \r\nFavorably; 97 Percent Believe Students Need Education Beyond High \r\nSchool.


Kiplinger Lists 42 \"Great College Values\" Still Accepting Applications....


NACAC Posts its \"Colleges Openings\" Survey of Colleges with Space and Financial Aid.


People Are Talking About: \"The NEW College Application\" in Time Magazine, April 18.


Malia Obama\'s College Choice and Growing Interest in Gap Year. Newsweek Magazine Report.


Weekend Reading: Small Colleges Struggle to Keep Doors Open. A New York Times Report.


What Students Should Do If They Are \"Stuck\" on a Wait List. A Report from NPR.


\"College Affordability.\" A New State-by-State Report.


How and When to Appeal a Financial Aid Grant.\r\n

\"How to Decode a College Financial Aid Award Letter.\" From Consumer Reports This Month.


People are Talking About: \"America\'s \'Best\' High Schools.


\"Colleges Put Thousands in Wait-List Limbo....\" Washington Post Report.


\"Why Starting at a Community College Can be Smarter.\" Opinion Piece in The Washington Post.



Admits\r\n Among the Ivies ... Below COLLEGE BOUND notes the News from the Ivy \r\nLeague. More details on Admissions in the April Newsletter....


     The U. of Pennsylvania Admits But 9.4 Percent of Applicants.   


     Ninety-four Percent of Admits to Darmouth are in the Top 10 Percent of Their High School Classes. 



     Seven Hundred of the Admits to Cornell U. are First-Generation Students.  



     Yale Creates a Wait List of 1,095 Students for Class of 2020.



     Forty-seven Percent of Admits at Brown U. Identify Themselves As Students of Color.


     Princeton Selects from Largest Applicant Pool...Ever.



     Harvard Acceptance Only 5.2 Percent of Its Applicants. Full Story in Harvard Magazine.



People Are Talking About: Frank Bruni\'s Piece in The New York Times Called, \"College Admissions Shocker!\".


Cuba to Now Be Included in Educational Exchange Programs. See White House \"Fact Sheet\" for Info.


College Financial Aid Letters Just Got a Little Better (to Read, Anyway). Time Magazine\'s Take on the New Code of Conduct from NACAC.


Weekend Reading: \"Three Surprising Skills That School Counselors Need.\" From Edutopia.


\"The New SAT Brings New Challenges, Same Old Pressures....\" From The Boston Globe.


Listen\r\n to the Confirmation Hearings for John King, Acting Secretary of \r\nEducation. Discussion About What to Do About Student Loans.


\"How to Support a Student Who Received a College Rejection Letter.\" From The Philadelphia Public School Notebook.


The New York Times Today: States are Looking for Ways to Promote Education in STEM by Cutting the Liberal Arts.


The Christian Science Monitor Reports on How Colleges Award Financial Aid.


\"Colleges Welcome A Growing Number of Home Schooled Students.\"

A Report on NBC News.


The Washington Post Reports That the ACT Essay Scores are \"Inexplicably Low.\"


NPR Focuses on How Technology is Changing the Application Process.


This month it is The Atlantic asking, \"What\'s Wrong With College Admissions?\"


People are Talking About...The New York Post Article, \"Former Yale Admissions Officer Reveals Secrets of Who Gets In.\"


\"Do Elite Colleges Lead to Higher Salaries? Only for Some Professions.\" A Report in The Wall Street Journal.


College\r\n Admissions Officers and Scholars Sign on to the Mission of \"Making \r\nCaring Common.\" The Mission is Make the Admissions Process More \"Caring\"\r\n as Well.



College Students Are Missing Out on Financial Aid, New Analysis Shows.


Seven Financial Aid Tips


Education Week Releases the 20th Edition of Quality Counts, a Report on Education in the States.


New Tools and Resources Available for Applying for Federal Student Aid.


Sweet Briar Reopens with Confidence and Challenges....


President Obama Signed Into Law The Every Student Succeeds Act Which Had Bipartisan Support. See Details Below.


The U.S. Supreme Court Revisits the Issue of Race and College Admissions. The New York Times Provides an In-Depth Look at the Issue.


\"Are California Public Universities Harder to Get Into Today?\"


Think Global, Act Local: The OECD Reports on  \"Education At a Glance\" Around the World. A Must Read. 


Weekend Updates: Article on Student Debt in The New York Times.


We are Thankful for Our Subscribers. Many of You Have Been With Us for 30 Years! Happy Thanksgiving to All.


People are Talking About...Where the Daughter of a President is Applying to College....


The State of the International Student in the U.S. Open Doors Releases its Annual Report on the International Student.



The Latest Issue of Kiplinger Features an Article, \"How to Fill Out a FAFSA for College Financial Aid.\"


The College Board Releases its Annual \"Trends in Higher Education\" Report on College Pricing and Student Aid.


The Journal of Higher Education is Out Today with a Special Edition on What the Higher Education Act Will Mean to Students.


Weekend Reading: \"The New Math Takes the Mystery Out of College Rankings.\"


New\r\n Regulations Will Protect Students from \"Unreasonable Fees,\" and Expand \r\nIncome-Repayment Plan, the U.S. Dept. of Ed Announced Today, October 27.


New Study Finds That Law Schools Have Lowered Their Admissions \"Standards,\"  Admitting Students Unlikely to Pass the Bar.


Frank Bruni Writes Op Ed in The New York Times Sunday Called \"An Admissions Surprise From the Ivy League.\" Read More in Link Below.



\"High-Stress High Schools.\" What is the Price? Asks a New Article in The Atlantic.


\"Like\r\n Fares on an Airplane, College Tuition Bill Vary Widely.\" NPR Reports on\r\n Planet Money\'s New Interactive Take on the College Scorecard.


The Atlantic Monthly Reports on the State of America\'s Small Colleges.


People are Talking About: The Article in the Current Psychology Today Called \"Declining Student Resilience.\"


Eighty Colleges Join Coalition Dedicated to Making the College Application Process Easier. See Website Launched Today.


White House Announces There Will be an Easier and Earlier FAFSA. Read and Hear NPR\'s Report.  


Weekend News: The White House Releases New \"College Scorecard Saturday.\"



\r\n\r\nThe\r\n Families of Freedom Foundation Awards Scholarships to the Dependents \r\nof  Victims of 9/11. See Website for Details on Applications.


People Are Talking About: John Cassidy\'s Article in The New Yorker, \"What is College Worth? The Real Value of higher Education. 



Welcome Back to School! Have a Good Fall.


America\'s Ten Most Innovative College Presidents, According to the Latest Issue of Washington Monthly. Also Included: College Rankings.


New Report Out Called \"Summer Melt,\" Looks at Why Accepted Students Don\'t Go to College. From Harvard Education Press. 


Tips for Students Who Do Not Receive Enough Financial Aid. From the U.S. Dept. of Education.


Forbes Publishes its List of \"Best Colleges.\" Pomona? No. 1. See List Below.


Dramatic\r\n Increase in Students Needing Financial Aid. NASFAA, The National \r\nAssociation of Student Financial Aid Administrators Releases Report at \r\nits Annual Conference.


A\r\n Record Number of Students Took the ACT in 2014, But Gaps in College \r\nReadiness Persist. Further Findings in New Report on College \r\nReadiness.


New\r\n Urban Institute Report Argues Low-Income Students Often Miss Financial \r\nAid Opportunities and Urges More Information Sooner Rather Than Later.


Most\r\n Students are Not Prepared Adequately for College, New ACT Report  \r\nReleased Today Finds, But Low-Income Students are Particularly \r\nVulnerable.


Money Magazine Releases Its Rankings of \"Best Colleges.\"


The Federal Government Releases a Revised List of Colleges for \"Heightened Cash Monitoring.\" See Web Site for List.


Happy Summer. After a brief break, CB\r\n is back to continue to keep you up-to-date on admissions news over the \r\nsummer. Hope you are enjoying you summer, too. Meanwhile...


A Little Summer Reading: The Federal Reserve of New York takes a look at what impact loan availability has on college tuition. (It may surprise you.)


Seven\r\n Out of Ten College Students are Stressed About Money, New Ohio State U.\r\n Survey Finds. (Nearly 36 Percent Are Using Loans as Their Primary Means\r\n of Paying for College.)


Update: Sweet Briar Receives Double the Donations Expected, According to a Washington Post Report.


Supreme Court Reopens Affirmative Action Admissions Debate.®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well&_r=0


Sweet Briar C. to Remain Open. See The New York Times Article. (Sweet Briar States it Will Have Further Details on its Web Site Soon.)


Lumina Foundation Issues New Book on How to Improve Financial Aid for Low-Income Students.


\"Will Three-Year Colleges Make the Grade?\" A National Public Radio Report.


New Survey of Students Outlines Their Attitudes Towards College Costs.


Weekend Reading: College and Career Readiness Policies Outlined State-by-State. An Atlas from New America.


Worldwide Rankings of Universities By Regions is Now Available. The 2015 QS Results Are Out.


Public Research Universities: Why They Matter. A New Report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


New Poll Finds Public Gives Colleges Poor Marks for the Admissions Process and Job Placement.


Graduation Gap Wider Than Enrollment Gap Between Rich and Poor Students, The New York Times Reports.


New\r\n America Releases Report Titled, \"The Out-of-State Student Arms Race: \r\nHow Public Universities Use Merit Aid to Recruit Nonresident Students.\"


Weekend Reading:\r\n New Report, \"Universal Basic Skills: What Countries Stand to Gain,\" \r\nOutlines the Importance of Developing Basic Skills for Economic \r\nDevelopment. From the OECD.


Private School Enrollment Falls, According to New Report From the National Student Clearinghouse.


U. S. News and World Report Releases its 2015 Rankings of America\'s \"Best\" High Schools.


The\r\n Princeton Review Releases Survey of Teens and Parents About High School\r\n Life. For Example, \"What Motivates Students Academically?\"


Colleges That Still Have Openings. NACAC\'s Annual Listing. Updated Periodically.


The Chronicle for Higher Education Reports on How Baltimore Colleges are Helping Baltimore Heal.


Only\r\n 18 Percent of the Nation\'s Eighth Graders Are At or Above Proficient in\r\n U.S. History, One Percent Improvement in the Last Four Years. Geography\r\n and Civics? Not Much Improvement There Either.


Corinthian Colleges Closed Campuses Worldwide.


Moody\'s Finds That 10 Colleges Have One Third of the Wealth in Higher Ed; 40 Colleges Two Thirds....


People are Talking About: Arizona State U. Launches \"First of its Kind\" Global Academy, Providing Freshmen \"Everywhere\" College Credit Classes Online.


NBC News Follows Students in New Program About the Freshman Experience.


Admits to the Ivy League. Editor\'s Note: Today, CB\r\n has posted the admissions news released by schools in the Ivy League as\r\n they were announced. Check back for updates. And for more details, see \r\nthe April and May issues of COLLEGE BOUND. 


Brown\'s Admit Rate Lowest in History.   

Columbia Accepts Only 6 Percent of Applicants.   

Cornell Admits Most Diverse Class.

Dartmouth Admits More Students from the West.  

Harvard Accepts Fewer Students.   

Penn Accepts Students from 84 Countries.

Princeton Guarantee\'s Aid If Needed. (See CB\'s April issue.) 

Yale\'s Admissions Process \"Challenging.\"



Early College Programs Boosting College Going Rates.


Weekend Reading: Helping Parents Through the Storm. The Washington Post Blog on \"The Emotional Impact of College Admissions Decisions on Parents.\"


NACAC Releases New Report on the Importance of High School Counseling.


New America Creates its Own March Madness Chart Based on Academics. See Who Ranks No. 1



The Aspen Institute Announces its Awards for Community College Excellence. See Who the Winners Are. Reports Sweet Briar Alumni Have Raised Money and Vowed to Fight the Closure of Sweet Briar College.


White House Releases a Fact Sheet on \"Student Aid Bill of Rights.\" 



Online Education Enrollment Continues to Grow in Higher Education, According to New Report.



\"Community Colleges That Work.\" New York Times Editorial.



The Los Angeles Times Takes a Look At the Pressure on Asian American Students Regarding College Admissions.


New\r\n Documentary Series on History of Federal Student Aid Released by the \r\nInstitute for Higher Education Policy and the Lumina Foundation. See \r\nLink Below to Access Series and Obtain Info on How to Obtain a Viewing \r\nGuide.


Weekend Reading: It\'s Confirmed: Teenagers are Increasingly Losing More Sleep.


People are Talking About...\"The Promise and Failure of Community Colleges,\" an Article in The New York Times.



The Gap in High School Graduation Rates Between Black and White Males Continues to Widen, According to New Report.


What the President\'s Budget Means for Higher Education. An Analysis by The Chronicle of Higher Education.


U.S. Dept. of Ed Publishes A Resource Guide of Materials to Help Students and Families Fill Out the FAFSA.


ACT Launches New College and Career Readiness Campaign. See website for details.


The Atlantic Magazine Takes a Look at Possible Problems with the New SAT.


Students\r\n at Stanford U. Are fighting for the Rights of Students to Gain Access \r\nto Their Admissions Records, According to Today\'s Article in The New York Times.



President Obama Proposes Making Two-Year Community Colleges Free for All \"Responsible Students.\"


The Chronicle of Higher Education Lists \"Five Things Colleges Can Expect From Congress in 2015. \"


Northrop\r\n Grumman Engineering Scholars Program Deadline is Approaching. Up to \r\n$10,000 Awarded to Graduating Seniors in Eight States.


The Wall Street Journal Reports on Aid Programs Aimed at Middle Class Students.


Almost Time for the FAFSA!®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well&_r=0


Happy Holidays!


Weekend Reading: The\r\n U.S. Department of Education is Calling for Comments About its Proposed\r\n New College Rating System. Why Not Add Your Two Cents?


Kiplinger Releases its List of Best College Values for 2015.


\"What Students Don\'t Know About Their Loans,\" According to The New York Times®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well&_r=0&abt=0002&abg=0


Huffington Post Reports Congressional Leaders Plan to Cut Pell Grants to Students to Pay Private Student Loan Providers....


More Than 600 Pledges Were Made at the White House Summit Aimed at Improving College Opportunities. See the Complete List.


Follow the White House Summit Live on Higher Education and College Opportunity... 


Graduating from College in Four Years is a Myth, According to a New Report from Complete College.


Forbes Releases a Guide on Financial Aid with Charts on Expected Family Contributions.


Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. We are thankful for all our subscribers and we thank you for all you do to help students acquire access to college.


How President Obama\'s Action on Immigration Will Impact Higher Education. A Chronicle of Higher Education Report.


USA Today Reviews Six Movies That, It Says, Really Depict College Life.


Maclean\'s Magazine Ranks Canada\'s Top Universities. See Who is No. 1.


Time Magazine Reports on What California\'s Tuition Hike Means for Higher Education At Large.


College Students Have No Idea What College Really Costs....


People are Talking About...The Project on Student Debt Report on the Class of 2013. Just Released.



How Much Does a College Really Cost? The College Board Releases its Annual Trends Survey of College Pricing.


A New Report from Junior Achievement Finds One in Four of \"Millennial\" Students Believe Their Student Loans Will be Forgiven.


Happy Veteran\'s Day to All Veterans and Their Families.


Forbes Article Reports on Scholarships and Financial Aid Available to Veterans and Their Families.


Weekend Reading: Student Loan Defaulters Aren\'t Who You Think, According to a New Report.


NCAA Posts Higher Graduation Rates Among Athletes.


A New Report Takes a Look at How the 50 States are Doing in Preparing Young People for College. See Who Gets the Highest Marks.


How the Governors Races Might Influence Higher Education in the States. An Inside Higher Education Report.


U.S. News and World Report Releases Rankings of Universities Around the Globe.


Bloomberg\r\n Philanthropies Launches New Initiative to Encourage Low- and Moderate \r\nIncome High-Achieving Students to Go to College. Details Attached.


 With All That is Going On in the World, We Thought This Article Might Lift Your Spirits. Have a Good Weekend.


People are Talking About: Does Princeton U. Really Get 10 Times More Tax Dollars Than Public Universities? See The Atlantic on This Topic.


The Chronicle of Higher Education Reports on How Colleges are Responding to Ebola Threats.


National Student Clearinghouse Releases Data About the Transition of Students from High School to College.


Employment of College Grads is Looking Up, According to the Latest Annual Survey of Employers by Michigan State U.

MONDAY\r\n MORNING NEWS: Western Governors State U. Enrolls 50,000 Students in \r\n15 Years and Becomes One of the Nation\'s Largest Nonprofit \r\nUniversities.


Big Ten Conference Announces it Will Guarantee Scholarships for All Four Years for Student Athletes.


The\r\n Number of Students Taking out Loans for College Increases, According to\r\n Pew Research Released October 7. But the Biggest Increase is Among More\r\n Affluent Students.


The College Board Releases Profiles of the 2014 Test Takers. See, Results for the SAT, PSAT and AP tests.


U.S.\r\n Dept. of Ed Awards $96 Million to Improve the Access of Minority \r\nStudents to Colleges and Universities. List of Those Receiving Awards \r\nAttached.


Community College is Guaranteed to Chicago High School Students Earning a 3.0 GPA, Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces.


\"Holistic\"\r\n Admissions Increases the Diversity of the Students Enrolling in the \r\nHealth Professions at Colleges and Universities Nationwide, New Study \r\nFinds.


U.S. Dept. of Ed Announces New GEAR UP Grants to Help Low-Income Students Get to College. 


Time Magazine Reports On One Major Reason Student College Costs are Increasing.


The Washington Post Article on Issues at NACAC: \"College Admissions Chiefs Worry How Will Students Find Them.\"


Quest Bridge is Making Increasing Impact on the Enrollment of Low-Income Students in Colleges.



New University Innovation Alliance Has Been Formed to Improve the Graduation Rates at 11 Public Universities.


Kaplan Survey Finds College Admissions Officers and Guidance Counselors Have Different Opinions About the New SAT.


The New York Times Reports on What Some Colleges are Doing to Increase the Economic Diversity of Their Students.


The U.S. News and World Report Releases its 2015 Best Colleges, Today, September 9.


The 75 Best Colleges for Food in America.... Not Necessarily for Reasons You Might Think.


New Survey Finds That 44 Percent of Students Do Not Believe They Will Be Able to Pay Back Their Student Loans Until Age 50.


Weekend Reading:\r\n How Does Tuition Discounting Really Work? In a New Report, the \r\nEducation Commission of the States Takes a Look at Tuition Discounts at \r\nPublic Colleges and Universities. Complete with Diagrams and Charts.


Low-Income Students Still Rare at America\'s \"Elite\" Colleges, According to The New York Times.


You\'ve\r\n Heard it Before, We\'ll Say it Again: \"Guidance Counselors Key in Bid to\r\n Increasing Overall Access to College.\" Article in


What Do Americans Think of the Current State of Education? New PDK/Gallup Poll Released This Morning.


Only 39 Percent of U.S. Students are Prepared to Go to College, According to ACT\'s Latest Report.


Donations to Colleges Increased 5.4 percent Last Year, According to College Fundraisers, Slighly Higher Than Last Year.


Weekend Reading: The Just-Released Article in The Atlantic Called \"The Future of College?\"


NCAA Will Appeal the Federal Court\'s Ruling. See the Statement it Released This Weekend.


Judge O\'Bannon\'s 99-Page Brief on Why He Ruled Against the NCAA.!Invesitgations-and-enterprise/OBANNONRULING.pdf


Christian Science Monitor Reports on Ways to Stop \"Summer Melt.\"


More Parents, Fearful of Burdening Their Children with Debt, are Saving for College, According to Another Survey of Parents.


To\r\n Improve Retention, Colleges Need to Focus on Students Who are Near \r\nGraduation, But for Some Reason, Dropout of School, According to New \r\nResearch Report.


Parents\r\n are Paying More Out-of-Pocket Expenses for their College Students. \r\nStudents are Borrowing Less, According to New Survey from SallieMae.


Who is Today\'s Admissions Officer? NACAC Takes a Fascinating Look in New Report. 


\"College\r\n Subsidies Hit Decade Low as Students Pay at Least Half Their \r\nEducation Cost for the First Time.\" A New Delta Cost Project Report. July 28, 2014


Sixty of the Nation\'s Largest Urban School Districts Join \"My Brother\'s Keeper\" Initiative. See Plan and Listing of Districts.


U.S. Dept. of Ed Announces it Will Reprocess FAFSA Applications with Errors From a Misplaced Decimal.


Forbes Magazine Reports That Financial Literacy Gap is Costing College Graduates Thousands.


Why a Liberal Arts Degree is Important for the New \"Artisan Economy,\" the PBS News Hour Reports.


Community College Students Have Less Access to Federal Student Loans, and Suffer as a Consequence, New Report Argues.


Graduates in STEM Subjects Likely to Have Jobs, But Not in STEM Fields, U.S. Census Bureau Finds.


High School Graduation Rates Improve; So Does College Enrollment, According to New Report.


U.S. Dept. of Ed Releases a List of the Most and Least Expensive Colleges in America.


Colleges Initiate New Efforts to Reduce \"Summer Melt.\"


Indiana\r\n and Tennessee Are at the Center of Discussions About the Benefits of \r\nProviding More Financial Aid to Community College Students.


A New Wrinkle in the FAFSA Applications May be Leading to Some Students to be Disqualified for Aid.


New Interest Rates for Direct Student Loans Posted, Effective July 1 for 2014-15.


Tuition Discounting at Record High, According to New Study of College Business Officers.


People are Talking About: \"The Ivory Tower,\" a Documentary That Opened June 27, Nationwide.


A New Report from the Education Trust Focuses on the Issue of Linking Federal Aid to College Rankings.


New World Rankings of Universities is Out: China on the Road to Becoming World\'s Leader in Higher Education.


Fraternities Are Under Greater Scrutiny as Colleges Investigate Sexual Assaults.


Colleges Focus on Retaining the International Students They Recruit.

President Obama Issues New Memorandum on Student Loan Repayment Plans.

Over\r\n 50 Percent of Grandparents Are Saving or Plan to Save for their \r\nGrandchildren\'s Education. Over 30 Percent Expect to Save $50,000 or \r\nMore.

The ACT Adds New Indicators of College Readiness Including a STEM Score and English Language Arts Score.

Do Students Behind in Eighth Grade Ever Catch Up? ACT Takes a Look in a New Research Paper.

Weekend Reading: The Just-Released Condition of Education 2014 From the U.S. Dept. of Ed. The Report Covers All Sectors of Education.

What\r\n Enables International Students to Graduate from American Colleges and \r\nUniversities? A Research Paper, Just Released from NAFSA, Has \r\nSome Answers.

The Motivations and Mindset of Prospective College  Students Explored in a New Report Called The Differentiated University from the Parthenon Group.

The\r\n National Association for College Admissions Counseling Has Updated its \r\nListing of Colleges Still Accepting Students and Will Keep the List of \r\nSchools With Openings Posted on Its Website Until June 30.

\"First\r\n Real Glimmers of Financial Improvement for the Nation\'s Public Colleges\r\n and Universities Since the Onset of the Great Recession,\" According to a\r\n New Report.

Enrollment at Private Four-Year Colleges is Up, But Down Slightly Overall.


People are Talking About... Time Magazine\'s Article on Why Students Should Take a Gap Year.


Student Loan Interest Rates Will Increase for the 2014-15 School Year.


First\r\n Lady Michelle Obama Launches \"Reach Higher Initiative\" to Encourage All\r\n Students to Reach for Education Beyond High School. See Web Site for \r\nDetails.


Asian Students Outperform Other Students on College Readiness Measures, According to New Report from the ACT.


How Many Applications to Colleges is Too Many? Reuters Has Some Surprising Answers.


Waitlisted for College? Here\'s Why. From the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.


Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Affirmative Action in Michigan Case. See Court Ruling in Link Below.


U.S. News and World Report Releases its Latest Rankings of High Schools. Rankings of Schools Strong in STEM Subjects Also Ranked.


College Attainment Increased in the U.S. Last Year. But the U.S. is Still Being Outpaced by Other Countries.


The College Board Releases Sample Questions for the Newly Redesigned SAT.


Fifteen\r\n Ways, in 15 Different Papers, to Reform the Way We Give Student \r\nFinancial Support for College. From the Lumina Foundation.

Released April 14.


Parents are Saving More for College, According to New Report.


New Survey Finds Disturbing New Gender Gap Among Students Planning for College.


What\r\n Size City is Likely to Have an NCAA Championship Team? This and Other \r\nFun Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau. Have a Good Weekend. (And may the\r\n best team win. :))


New Public Private Partnership Will Promote College and Career Readiness With Service Programs.


What The Washington Post Learned by Going Inside Admissions Offices at George Washington U.


The State of Higher Education in California: More Students are Going Into Debt, According to New Report. 


The\r\n Princeton Review Releases the Results of its Annual Poll of College \r\nApplicants and Their Parents on Their Dreams, Hopes and Worries.


Use of the SAT Declined in 29 States Over the Last Seven Years, According to Analysis by The Washington Post.


A Realtor\'s View of the Best College Towns in Which to Live. 


College Costs and Financial Aid Top Concern of College Freshmen in Annual Survey by UCLA.


News Flash: The College Board Announces its Plan for Redesign of the SAT.


NPR Program Discusses the Pros and Cons of a Gap Year.


The President\'s New Proposed Budget for 2015. What it Says About Postsecondary Education and College and Career Readiness.


New Report Reveals the Aspirations and the Outcomes for Men of Color at Community Colleges .


The Institute of International Education Calls for the Doubling of Students Who Study Abroad. Here is Their New Initiative.


College Enrollment is Expected to Grow to 2020. New U.S. Dept of Ed Analysis in 194-page Report.


Who\'s On First? New World Rankings of Colleges Reveal a Shift in the Names of the Colleges at the Top of the Lists.


The\r\n Debate About the Value of a College Degree Continues. A New Urban \r\nInstitute Report Argues A College Degree Matters, With Variations Among \r\nIndividuals and Institutions.


\"Colleges Respond to Growing Numbers of Learning Disabled Students,\" According to Washington Monthly Article.


New Report Argues Community Colleges Benefit Students as Well as Society.


Pew Research Center Issues Report on the Impact of Not Going to College.


Donations\r\n to Colleges are at an All-time High, According to New Report from the \r\nCouncil for Aid to Education Released Today, February 12.


More\r\n Students, Including More Low-Income Students, are Taking Advanced \r\nPlacement Classes, According to a New Report from the College Board Out \r\nToday, February 11.


Many\r\n Students in For-Profit Colleges Are Not Aware They Have Other Options, \r\nAccording to New Report From Public Agenda Released Today, February 10.


Which Country Sends the Most Students to the U.S.? \"Student and Exchange Visitor Program\" Report Looks at Who Comes from Where.


ACT\r\n Finds There is an Untapped Pool of Students Interested in STEM \r\n(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) But Who Don\'t End Up \r\nPursuing It.


The\r\n Documentary Film, \"First Generation\" Will Make National Tour in Event \r\nCalled \"Go College,\" Sponsored by Wells Fargo. See Web Site for List of \r\n10 Cities.


\"High School Grades Matter Most in College Admissions,\" According to New Survey From NACAC.


In His State of the Union Speech, President Obama Calls for Greater Support for Access to College, Early Childhood Education and Job Training Programs. See Text or Video of Speech.


College Endowments Went Up in 2013, New Study Finds.


Deadline Near for High School Women Who Want to Apply for NASA\'s Aerospace Scholars Program.


Early College Students More Likely to Enroll in College, New Study Finds.


Indeed, Liberal Arts Majors Fare Well Over the Long Run Compared to Other Majors, New Report States.



\"The\r\n complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but \r\nworthy objectives upon which to concentrate. The broad education will, \r\ntherefore, transmit to one not only the accumulated knowledge of the \r\nrace but also the accumulated experience of social living.\" Martin \r\nLuther King, Jr.


The Christian Science Monitor Reports on \"How Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Changed College Admissions.\"


National Summit on College Affordability to be Streamed Live January 16 Starting at 9 a.m.


White House Announces New Promise Zones Initiative That Includes Partnerships With Local Colleges. 


The New GED Test Released January 2 with Increased Connections to College and Career Readiness.


Happy New Year! And Welcome Back. COLLEGE BOUND\'s January 2014 Issue is Online. Check Out the Current Issues.


Happy Holidays. Peace on Earth. Good Will to All.

The Editors of COLLEGE BOUND.


\"The False Promise of \'Holistic\' Admissions.\" An Article in the December 17 issue of The Atlantic.


People are Talking About... \"When the First in a Family Go to College\" from Minnesota Public Radio.


College Enrollment Declines for Second Year in a Row, According to New Report Out Today, December 12.


U.S. Dept. of Ed Highlights the Features in its New Financial Aid Toolkit.


Time Magazine Reports on \"The High School Guidance Counselor Shortage.\"


Student Debt Climbs for the Class of 2012.


International Test Scores Released with Rankings. U.S. Students are... \"Average.\" See Full Report for Details.


\"Does Education Pay?\" New Analysis in Issues in Science and Technology.


Will Getting Into College Be Easier in the Future? The Los Angeles Times Takes a Look.,0,5661470.story#axzz2m4lm1dl6


Moody\'s States that 40 Percent of Colleges Face Declining or Stagnant Tuition Revenue and Enrollment.


U.S. News and World Report Releases Its Rankings of \"Best Colleges for Veterans.\"


The Number of International Students at U.S. Colleges and Universities Increases Seven Percent, Says \"Open Doors\" Study.


Word to the Wise: \"Colleges May Love You GPA, Then They Saw Your Tweets,\" The New York Times Reports.


The\r\n Nation\'s Report Card on Reading and Mathematics Released. Hispanic and \r\nFemale Students Do Better in Math. Male Student Scores Remain Flat.


College Summit Calls for New Programs and Policies to Help Students Become \"Smart Shoppers.\"


People Are Talking About...\"Robots or Aliens as Parents\" in The New York Times Sunday, An Article on the \"Creativity\" in College Admissions Essays.


The Jack Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program is Now Open. Deadline: November 5.


The Council of Independent Colleges Launches a New Campaign for a Liberal Arts Education.


Graduation Rates for Athletes Continue to Rise, According to New Figures from the NCAA.


Tuition\r\n Increases for In-State Students at Public Universities Lowest in 30 \r\nYears. This Stat and Others Are in the College Board\'s Latest Survey of \r\nTuition Trends.


New Report Argues That Low-Income Students Need to Apply for Financial Aid Earlier Than They Do Now for Full Benefit.


The Common Application Reports on Efforts to Improve its System and Begins Daily Updates of Progress.


The New York Times \"Room for Debate\" on... Study Abroad. Worthwhile or a Waste of Time?


How to Help Students See That Setbacks are Temporary.


The Daily Beast Releases its Own College Rankings Based on Graduation Rates, Affordability and Future Earnings.


Private College Tuition Rates Increase 3.6 Percent.


Where\r\n Will Students from Around the World Study in the Coming Years? The U.S.\r\n is Still a Top Destination. But China is Coming on Strong, a New Report\r\n Suggests.


A Washington Post Poll Finds Americans Less Likely to Believe a College Education is Part of the \'American Dream.\'


MIT\'s President Speaks Out in Time Magazine on the Impact of Online Learning.


The Default Rate on Federal Student Loans Continues to Rise, U.S. Dept of Ed Reports. 


How a Government Shutdown Would Impact Higher Education.


U.S. Department o Education Offers New Guidance to Admissions Officers on Increasing Racial Diversity at Colleges.


Only 43 Percent of SAT Takers Prepared for College Level Work.  

McGraw Prize in Education Awarded September 24 Honors Educators Promoting Access to Higher Education 


America\'s High School Counselor\'s Struggle to Meet Student Needs. U.S. News and World Report Story.


Northeastern University Survey Finds Employers Want College Graduates Who Can Write and Communicate.


Graduate School Enrollment Increases Slightly, Thanks to the Increase of Foreign Student Enrollment.


U.S. News and World Report Releases its Annual Rankings.


Congressional Budget Office Outlines Options for Changing Pell Grant Program. New Report.


New Report Argues the Need for People Trained in the Humanities Has Never Been Greater.


New Survey Finds Teen Interest in STEM Areas is Declining While There is an Increase in Need in the Fields.


New Analysis Finds State Appropriations to Higher Ed Inch Upward. See State-by-State Report.


Yet, It\'s Not Just Students Who Have Debt. Public Universities Have  a Problem, Too, According to New Report.


President Obama Outlines His Plan to Combat Rising College Costs.


Are Students Prepared for College and Careers? Some Are, Others Not So Well. See New ACT Report.


CollegeWeekLIVE Hosts Virtual College Fair for International Students, Tomorrow, August 21. See,


Who Has the \"Coolest\" Colleges?


Eastern Europe Has an Influx of Medical Students.


Four Out of Five College Students are Working Their Way Through School, according to new Citigroup and Seventeen Magazine Survey, and Paying for Much of Their Own Expenses. 


Students\r\n Who Complete Certificates or Two-Year Degree Programs are More Likely \r\nto Get a Bachelor\'s Degree, According to New Study.


Safest Colleges in America? creates its own list.


Federal Student Loans Now 3.86 Percent; Will Rise and Fall with Market Rates.


One in Three U.S. Adults are Helping with College Expenses and 71 Percent are Worried About the Burden, New Survey Finds.


After a Decade of Growth, College Enrollment Declines. The New York Times Describes the Impact.


Too Many Low-Income \"College-Indending\" Students Fail to Enroll in College \r\nFollowing Their Senior Year of High School, According to New \r\nHarvard Study.

A New Sallie Mae Report Called \"How America Pays for College,\" Notes Families Face Unexpected Expenses.


Federal Student Loan Debt of Current Borrowers Tops One Trillion Dollars, According to New Government Report.


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The Counselor's Corner: 2021 Year in Review "Continued Polarization," Community Colleges See Decline, International Student Enrollment Grows, College Athletes Graduate at Record Levels...Counselors Bookshelf: Understanding Academic Freedom, surveys academic freedom's history, There Is No College in COVID: Selections from the Oregon State University-Cascades COVID-19 Journaling Project and a new report shows more California Latino Graduates. Financial Matters: Student Loan Repayment Moratorium Extended, Student Borrowing Declines, Changes Coming to FAFSA...and more. Curriculum Capsules: Lake Superior has a new B.S. in Data Science, NY Trade Schools are busy, some new programs from Rowan U, and Tuskegee.

The OCTOBER 2021 Issue of  COLLEGE BOUND: 

FEATURED ARTICLES Admissions Watch: Are Things Looking Up? Insights from Alvernia to Yale and places in between. Financial Matters: FAFSA available October, student borrowing trends. The Counselor's Corner: What is impacting admissions? Counselor's Bookshelf: A good Wellness Guide and a good book on following your passion, or not, and more. Plus, Curriculum Capsules, Scholarship Scoops, and, of course,  News You Can Use.

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THE APRIL ISSUE: Featured Articles: A Year of "Adaptation." Financial Matters. State News. Ivy League Early Acceptance Rates.  Counseling Amidst COVID. The Counselor's Bookshelf. And, More.

THE MARCH ISSUE: FEATURED ARTICLES: Admission Watch: New Admissions Numbers for Spring 2021. Financial Matters: The Federal Reserve's Take on College Attendance. Reports on the FAFSA and No-Loan Policies. State News. And New Initiatives. Enrollment Trends Among Freshmen and International Students. The Impact of HBCU's.  The Counselor's Bookshelf: On the Impact of Underfunding Public Universities. On College Belonging. On Social Mobility. Curriculum Capsules: New Programs on Ocean Science and another on Marine Science, Plus, a new Major in Software Engineering and a new Biomedical and Biotech Degree. And, then, of course, Scholarship Scoops and News You Can Use.

THE FEBRUARY ISSUE: FEATURED ARTICLES: Admission Watch: COVID Impacts the College Application Process Financial Matters: COVID Relief Package for colleges and universities. How Community Colleges Cope. A Special Report: The Lost Class? College Enrollment for High School Class of 2020 is Down Substantially The Counselor's Corner: New Recruiting Tactics - methods of reaching more students, new counseling methods...and more The Counselor's Bookshelf: A new spin on in-person college tours. Curriculum Capsules: New Education Models Emerging. And, of course, News You Can Use.

The JANUARY ISSUE: Feature Articles: Admission Watch: Colleges Find New Ways to Recruit Students  Financial Matters: The Impact of the Stimulus Package on Higher Education. Will President-Elect Joseph Biden Cancel Student Debt? COVID's Further Impact on Higher Ed. FAFSA Apps Down: How One State Responds. How Colleges are Addressing Tuition Costs. Enrollment Trends: Who is Up and Who is Down. States Hit the Hardest.  Counselor's Bookshelf: A New Report on Higher Ed Budgets and COVID From Lumina. And People are Talking new PBS Series, "Rethinking College." Early Reports from the Ivy League. A Profile of One State and its Enrollment Challenges. Curriculum Capsules including New Online Programs A Special Report: On Best Practices for Graduating Low-Income Students. And, of course, News You Can Use.

The DECEMBER ISSUE: Feature Articles: Admission Watch: More Expected to be Admitted Early. Financial Matters: Will Congress Cancel Student Debt? Price Increases Slow. One State Freezes Tuition. One College Eliminates Loans. And Medical School Applications Soar. The Counselor's  Corner. Recruiting in the Age of COVID.  Counselor's Bookshelf: A Book Here. A Report There. Curriculum Capsules: New Finance Programs. New Internships. A New Degree in Sustainability. New Reports about Online Learning. And, News You Can Use: On the ACT, Affirmative Actions. And More.

The NOVEMBER ISSUE: Another Expanded Issue. Feature Articles: A First Look at Fall Enrollment Trends. On a National Scale and at Local Colleges. A COVID-19 Campus Update: The Impact on Colleges. And How Some Colleges Are Recruiting Students. Counselor's Bookshelf. A Couple of New Items.  Financial Matters: On the State of Student Aid. And How Aid Impacts Middle-Class Mobility. A New Report: On How Long it Takes Grads to Find a Job. Tuition Tabs. Curriculum Capsules: New Programs, New Partnerships. And News You Can Use: On Education Gaps and the Common App. Among Other Things. .

The  OCTOBER ISSUE:  Feature Articles: Another Special Six-Page Issue: Colleges and COVID-19: Updates: Snapshots Of College Trends. Will COVID Impact the Class of 2025? A Roundup of Colleges Facing the Pandemic. Presidential Candidates on Higher Ed. A Look at Key Issues. The Counselor's Corner: A Look Ahead. Counselor's Bookshelf: Resources on the New Enrollment Challenge, a Gap Year and the Post-Pandemic College. Financial Matters: On New Tuition Free-Program in the States. A Scholarship Scoop or Two. More Enrollment Trends: New Programs, New Partnerships. How Some Colleges in California Face the Challenges This Fall. And,  Graduate News: New Programs, New Trends. As Well As, News You Can Use: On Censorship on Campuses, the Learning Disabled and Greek Life.

SEPTEMBER ISSUE:  Feature articles: Special Six-Page Issue: On How COVID-19 is Impacting Higher Ed. COVID-19. Financial Measures. A Memo from the National Governors Association. The Shape of Things to Come. The Counselor's Corner focused on Colleges Opening Face to Face and Online Examples. Enrollment Trends: A Look at California Universities. Admissions Watch. With Community College Options and a Word on How Student Plans are Changing. Counselor's Bookshelf: From New Resources on How to Navigate the New Challenges. Best Value Colleges, Web Sources and New Reports. And, of course, News You Can Use: On Online Learning, What Parents Think and New Test Optional Schools.  

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FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions 2020: "Through the Fog." A Roundup of Where Colleges Are in This Changing Environment: From California to Maine. Covid-19 Updates: How Will Colleges Reopen in Fall? Other Admissions Updates: Among the Ivy Leagues. Among the News Headlines. The Counselor's Bookshelf: Resources for Tracking the COVID-19 Impact on High Ed. Curriculum Capsules: New Nursing Programs. New Sports Media Major. And Other New Majors and Minors. News You Can Use: On the Nation's Report Card. On the Internet Homework Gap. On DACA Students. On Debt Updates. And More.

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FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions in a Changing Landscape: Admissions Trends Around the Country Amidst the Pandemic. With a Spot-check on California. The Counselor's Corner: What are the Enrollment Scenarios for Fall? What is the COVID-19 Impact? What are the College Adaptations to the Virus? THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On Encouraging Summer Enrollment. On Promising Practices and an Evaluation of the Use of Distance Learning. Plus, Two New Books Noted: The College Stress Test and College Admissions Cracked.  FINANCIAL MATTERS: On Student Aid and Application Fees. TESTING TABS. And, CURRICULUM CAPSULES. From Engineering to Business.    


FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Roundup 2020. Expanded coverage of spring admissions numbers on who got in. Colleges from coast to coast included. FINANCIAL MATTERS: Who is cutting student debt and who is investing in state residents and transfer students. Plus, a resource on understanding financial aid. THE COUNSELOR'S CORNER: The Consequences of  Covid-19 on Admissions from the stimulus package to schools going test optional in wake of the virus. THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On recession-proofing colleges to empowering universities. And, in place of News You Can Use, More 2020 Admission Numbers.  



FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Watch: From the Small Privates to the Large Public Universities, Admissions Officers are Releasing new Info on Applications and Admissions. ENROLLMENT TRENDS: From Massachusetts to California, Some Colleges are Still Releasing Their Fall Enrollment Stories. FINANCIAL MATTERS: The State of Endowments, Where There is New Free Tuition and Scholarships. THE COUNSELOR'S CORNER: Admissions Strategies. With New Recruitment Strategies, New Requirements, or Not, and Programs to Attract Students. THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On Best Value Colleges, "The Merit Myth" and More. CURRICULUM CAPSULES: New Programs Announced in Music, Art, and Veterinary Medicine. And, of Course, NEWS YOU CAN USE: On the State of Hispanic Students, Where Students Live, Where the U.S. Stands on the Worldwide Education Index and More.


FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Watch: More Early Profiles. Financial Matters: New State Tuition Discount Programs. And Local Colleges Increasing Aid.  The Last Word on the Class of 2023. The Counselor's Corner: Enrollment Trends. On California's Response to the Admissions Scandal. Does ED Harm Low-Income Students? And Other News on Legacies, International Students. THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: How Families Make College Work. Writing Essays. The Mindful College Applicant. And More. CURRICULUM CAPSULES: New Programs in "Sustainable Foods Systems," Neuroscience, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity. Is College Worth It? What Researches at Georgetown U. Found. And, of Course, NEWS YOU CAN USE: On More Test Optional Schools. And Sleep. How Does it Impact Test Scores?

DON'T FORGET: The JANUARY 2020 Issue of COLLEGE BOUND. Happy New Year!
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FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Watch: Early Returns for the Class of 2024. Financial Matters: The Latest on the Simplified FAFSA. And What is Included in the Updated Federal Scorecard? The Counselor's Corner: Enrollment Trends. On Fall Enrollment. Rural Gaps. States and Schools Addressing Enrollment Challenges. THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On Yale Women, Rethinking Diversity, Why American Universities are Stronger Than Ever and the Net Price Calculator. CURRICULUM CAPSULES: New Programs in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Physical Education. Who has a new program in Quantitative Economics? Study Abroad? And...Kindness. Career Wise: News on Manufacturing and Engineering Programs and a Career Skills Academy. NEWS YOU CAN USE: On the ACT scores, mental health, test-optional schools and community colleges.


FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Watch: Students are Applying to Colleges Earlier...and Earlier. Who Showed Up? A Look at Where Enrollments for the Class of 2023 Were Up...and Down. Financial Matters: A Spot Check on New Financial Aid Programs and Tuition Discounting. The Counselor's Corner: Is College Worth It? And Other National Reports Impacting Admissions. Plus, Tips on Writing the College Essay.  THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: A Family Guide, An Insider's Guide, the "Looming Enrollment Crisis" and a New Online College Cost Calculator.  SCHOLARSHIP SCOOPS: New Need-Based Scholarships, New Merit Scholarships, a Scholarship for Classical Studies and another for Automotive Studies. CURRICULUM CAPSULES: On "Applied" Diplomacy, Study Abroad, Health and Education. And, of course, NEWS YOU CAN USE: On the Millennial Generation, Generation Z and College Course Materials.


FEATURE ARTICLES: Admissions Watch: A roundup of college reports on The Class of 2023. Where they are from? And who is included? SMALL COLLEGES BUCKING TRENDS: A look at who is seeing an increase in their numbers and profiles. ENROLLMENT TRENDS: A look at some of the new national data on enrollment trends, completion rates and new demographic dips. THE GREENE REPORT: The Outlook for 2020, according to Matthew Greene. THE COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On demographics, how colleges make or ... break us. And tips on paying for college.  NEWS YOU CAN USE: On Harvard, on the use of technology and the state of manufacturing. (Guess who needs a college degree?) FINANCIAL MATTERS: Who is slashing tuition, providing tuition and guaranteeing tuition. CURRICULUM CAPSULES: On a new veterinary school. New programs in esports. Top engineering programs. And, finally, a summary of NACAC's new admissions ethical code.  



Nov 2018

FEATURE ARTICLES: The Greene Report: Taking Time Out Before College with Advice on Addressing Fears About the Gap Year and Descriptions on the Kinds of Gap Year Options.

FINANCIAL MATTERS: Who is Saving for College (or Not), How America Pays for College and the State of Aid in the States.

ADMISSIONS WATCH: How One College is Confronting Declining Demographics, Who Sees Increases in Enrollment.

COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: Resources on Affordable Rankings, Internships and Paying for College.

CURRICULUM CAPSULES: On Cybersecurity, Neuroscience and Other Programs.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: On Changes for the Common Application, Teens and Social Media, Business School Enrollments and More.

Oct 2018

FEATURE ARTICLES: Fall 2018 Apps and Admit News Continues with Updates from Maine to Tennessee, Minnesota to Georgia.

ENROLLMENT TRENDS: In the South, East, Midwest and West.

FINANCIAL MATTERS: On Who is Expanding Financial Aid, Who is Making College Free; Plus, News of a Scholarship, or Two.

COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: On AP Q&A's to New Video Series on the College Search.

CURRICULUM CAPSULES: Ranging from Veterinarian Medicine to Biomedical Sciences.

CAMPUS LIFE: The Health of Students on the College Campus. And,

NEWS YOU CAN USE: On Admissions Cards and More Test Optional Policies.

Sept 2018

FEATURE ARTICLES: California Bellwether for Higher Ed Trends. Plus, Updates on the Class of 2022 Admissions.

FINANCIAL MATTERS: News on FAFSA Completion Rates, The State of Aid in the States, News on Default Rates ... and More.

THE COUNSELOR'S CORNER: A GPS for College-Bound Families.

COUNSELOR'S BOOKSHELF: A Word or Two About Rankings.

OTHER STATE NEWS: From Georgia to Minnesota. And, a little News You Can Use.

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