Since 1986, COLLEGE BOUND, the award-winning, monthly, printed newsletter has been reporting on the college admissions and financial aid issues that affect millions of high school students and their parents each admissions season.

CB subscribers include high school principals and administrators, counselors, teachers and librarians, college admissions officers and administrators, private college counselors, legislators, and parents and college-bound students across the United States and in 40-plus nations.

COLLEGE BOUND brings its loyal readers the most-up-to-date data and information about the continuously changing admissions and financial aid scene at U.S. colleges and universities from the Ivy League to the Pacific 10 and hundreds of public and private schools in between, as well as analysis of how the trends are changing the admission opportunities for students and parents all around the world.

Now, the online version of COLLEGE BOUND, continues to offer the same kind of hot information that students and their families need to make intelligent college decisions ... facts that counselors find useful as they advise their students; information that college admissions officers need to see national trends and plan strategies for attracting and enrolling their students.

Now reaches a much broader worldwide audience. Instead of just one monthly copy of the newsletter mailed to a counseling office, everyone in the school community from counselors and teachers to students and their parents can read at their convenience from school or home.

Instead of one monthly newsletter sitting on the desk of one college admissions officer, now everyone in an admissions office can access and follow trends themselves.

Now can reach virtually anyone in your school or college community with critical information on admissions and financial aid.

Now is not limited to four pages of printed copy. More and longer stories are possible on the web.

So why not become a regular reader by subscribing now to our monthly reports.



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